Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is There Such a Thing As A Too Sexy Photo On A Chinese Dating Site?

Uhm… the answer seems to be, if you are a red-blooded heterosexual man, an obvious and resounding no. However if you are looking for love on online Chinese dating sites you may be concerned that too sexy, too glamorous or overly professional photos may indicate a potential dating partner that is too good to be true. That can be the case; it is not unheard of that scammers might take photos off the internet and use them to ensnare unsuspecting men. They may use photos of actresses, model or porn stars to capture your interest and then milk you for as much as they can get out of you.

Alternatively, the photos may be genuine and the reason they are revealing or sexy is because they are of someone working in the sex industry. These women may be looking for customers in which case, like the scammers mentioned above, you should report them to the site. However just as realistically they might be women in the sex industry looking for love and a means to extricate themselves from said industry.

Still, according to John Abbot’s article, "Why So Many Sexy & Beautiful Photos on CLM?" if the site is reputable then the majority of photos, sexy, revealing or otherwise are of legitimate members who are looking for real romantic partners. The Chinese in general, and Chinese women specifically, love photography and when posting a photo of themselves on a Chinese dating site they will take the utmost care and attention to represent themselves in the best way possible. This often means glamour shots or revealing photos that may not represent how that person behaves or dresses in real life. In addition, while mainland China social mores still dictate that the breasts should be covered to avoid looking cheap (interestingly not the case with legs according to John), Chinese women are clueing into the fact that Western men love breasts, and we’re glad to see cleavage wherever it appears. This undeniable truth has no doubt convinced a lot of Chinese women looking for Western men on online Chinese dating sites that a little décolletage goes a long way.

In fact, John has noticed on his website that women who flash a little cleavage in their photos get more interest than those who don’t. Other Chinese women, keeping abreast (ha!) of their competition’s activities will notice this and may choose to even the playing field and unbutton a few buttons of their own blouse. Thereby creating a trend that very few men will complain about.

The fact is that there are a lot of beautiful Chinese women, many of whom are online looking for dates. Chinese women in general are interested in presenting themselves as fashionable and chic and photography is a serious pastime in China. Also fashion and expectations are changing in China and more and more women are comfortable in revealing bare skin. This means that there are a lot of pretty Chinese ladies out there looking for love and some of them are putting a lot of effort into their photos. This can only be good for the guy looking for love, some may be to good to be true, but most are exactly how they represent themselves, beautiful and brave Chinese women looking for romance, so don’t be intimidated by their beauty, she could be the one!

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