Sunday, January 13, 2013

Find a Virtual Chinese Date for Valentine’s Day

In the hustle and bustle of today's world, it can be quite a challenge for adults to spend time with their partner, much less find a partner for those who are single. The difficulties multiply many-fold for single people who are working and living abroad, what with the cultural and language differences. Yet these are the circumstances when a man would most long for the company and, perhaps, even the love of a woman. For western men living in China, or for men at home but deeply attracted to Chinese beauty and mystery, online Chinese dating is an excellent option to find love and happiness, especially now when Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

Whether you've always been a ladies' man or a shy guy, Chinese dating can be both a daunting and an exciting endeavor, and because Chinese women are worlds different from western women, you may have to re-think your usual dating tricks, adjust your expectations, and adapt your dating behavior to suit the needs and expectations of these porcelain beauties. Even if it's online Chinese dating, you will still need to learn how to properly approach a Chinese woman online, as well as proper online dating etiquette. Here are some very useful tips.

Don't Let Language Be a Barrier.

Whether you are writing or video chatting, there is a lot of room for miscommunication because you speak a different language. Unless you find a Chinese woman who is as fluent in English as she is in Chinese, the rule of thumb is to keep things simple when online dating. Use short and simple sentences; avoid American slang, colloquialisms, and jokes. This is important when you are still getting to know each other. If she struggles with the language, be patient with her and encourage her by helping her along. Also, look for a good Chinese site that offers online translation as part of their services. I don’t mean paid translation services, which are almost always a scam, but good instant computer translation which should be included in their fees at no additional cost.

Learn as Much as You Can Beforehand.

Of course, make sure you know how to spell and/or pronounce her name correctly, and make sure to address her using her given name, not her family name (remember that the Chinese write their family name first and their given name last). One advantage of online Chinese dating is there's usually a profile of the woman you are interested in that you can check out first and learn important information from. You can use this information to give her compliments or as topics of conversation; either way, she will be flattered by your interest.

Impress Her with Your Knowledge and Interest.

Whether it's online dating or real dating, you should also have some knowledge of Chinese culture; if you haven't yet, you should also learn how to speak common Chinese phrases and try to speak to her in her language. She will be delighted by your efforts. Ask her about her family, remembering how important and traditional the Chinese are when it comes to families. Again, when you show an interest in her culture and her family, you will make her feel special and respected. Find out what she's looking for in a relationship and, more specifically, what are her expectations with regards to having a western partner. Ask her about her priorities in life.

Keep it Real.

Be open and sincere when you talk about yourself. Let her know why you're interested in online dating, what you're looking for, and basic personal stuff. She will also appreciate it when you share with her your good experiences while working and living in China, or your reasons for being interested in dating a woman from China. If she asks about your financial status, don't be offended or turned off right away. A person's wealth is not considered a private matter in China and, for most Chinese women as with most women all over the world, security is very important

Be Consistent.

If your online dating progresses and you feel there is great potential in the relationship you are cultivating, consistency in communication becomes even more important. Communicate with her regularly; always talk about your day and ask about hers. This will foster closeness, even if not in the physical sense. Let her know in many different ways that you think of her constantly, through words, simple gifts, or unexpected messages. If you feel that you want to move past the online dating phase some time in the near future, let her know and make plans for the future with her.

Online Chinese dating can be a great opportunity to find a good partner, even Mrs. Right. Try It may only be virtual dating, but respect and sincerity will always show through your words, whether they're typed or spoken so choose them carefully. You should nurture your online relationship as well as you would any relationship in the real world. Intimacy, and maybe even love, can also be enjoyed through online dating this Valentine’s Day and, perhaps, even beyond this Day of Hearts.