Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, celebrated every 14th of February, is a popular symbolic and special day in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Australia, and more and more in some countries in the east, including China. It is a day dedicated to the expression of love through the giving of notes (or valentines), flowers, chocolates, and other gifts to family and friends; but more than anything else, Valentine's Day has become a special day for lovers.

Single western men living in China should still celebrate this day of romance and go out on a date with Chinese women. Since modern China has been more open to western influence, many western traditions have also found their way into Chinese society, including Valentine's Day. This means the usual Valentine's Day formula of flowers, chocolates, and restaurant reservations.

One might find it surprising, however, that Valentine's Day was originally a combination of Christian and ancient Roman traditions, if the legends surrounding this holiday are to be believed. Chinese women would probably find the legend fascinating and western men might do well to learn the story as it would make for good conversation over Valentine's Day dinner.

Valentine's Day is actually named after Saint Valentine, a priest martyred by the Catholic Church for his defiance of Rome's Emperor Claudius II during the third century, which, as the story goes, resulted in his execution. According to the most popular legend, Emperor Claudius forbade soldiers to marry because he believed only single men made good soldiers. Valentine, however, found this decree unjust and secretly performed marriages for soldiers who wanted one. The priest was eventually found out, was imprisoned, and ordered to be executed. While awaiting his fate, Valentine supposedly healed the daughter of his jailer and, before his death, allegedly wrote her a letter signed, "From your Valentine."

For a Valentine's Day date with Chinese women, sticking to western traditions would not be a boring idea at all because these would be relatively new to Chinese women. Most Chinese women who use dating websites and prefer men from the west do so because they find western culture intriguing and they long for something new. Especially given how even modern men in China can still be traditional in many ways when it comes to women, Chinese women looking for western partners simply appreciate the more respectful, considerate, sweet, caring, and romantic attitude of these men toward women.

Celebrate love this coming Valentine’s Day with your new Chinese love that you met on, and use this day of hearts to cement your relationship with her.

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