Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From Online Dating to Real-World Dating: Getting To Know Her Better In Her Environment

You met a lovely Chinese lady through online dating. After a few weeks of chatting, you feel she may be your ideal woman and will make a suitable life partner. Fast forward to a few months later and after many more chats plus several video chats, your feelings for each other and the relationship have developed into something that may have great long-term potential. You feel the time has come to take your online dating to the next level and out into the real world.

What better way to get to know your special Chinese lady friend than in her own environment? So, you plan your trip, with your girlfriend's help, and book a flight to China.

Whether or not you plan to move to China if this visit and first meeting turns out as well as you hope it would, you must try to have an authentic China experience.

Firstly, doing so will give you a better and more personal understanding of the society and culture which made your potential wife-to-be the person and woman that she is today. This means that soaking in as much of Chinese culture as you can will give you a better appreciation of your girlfriend as a person and a partner, and will help you understand why she exhibits certain attitudes and behaviors.

Secondly, if you let your girlfriend show you the real China, as compared to having the usual tourist experience, you will also see how and who she really is in her natural environment, where she is at her most comfortable. Most, if not all, of her true nature will come out and this will let you determine if she really is the life mate you have been looking for. More importantly, you will find out if the attraction and connection you felt online are real.

It will be most ideal, of course, if you can visit her where she lives, instead of meeting in another city.

The planning of your trip will already let you see another side of your girlfriend's personality. If she will have a say on where you will be staying while visiting, this will give you some idea of her attitude toward money. Planning your itinerary will give you a less abstract understanding of how she is with money. It will also show you if she is more of an easygoing type of person or if she likes getting into the details.

When you're already there, you can learn more about the kind of lifestyle and activities she enjoys. Ask her to take you to her favorite places to eat and hang out. Perhaps she can introduce you to some of her friends. Whether among strangers, friends, or family, you will be able to see how she is with other people.

Of course, do not miss out on learning some Chinese history and culture. While interacting with some locals, for example, you can ask her about certain Chinese traits; this will be a great opportunity for you to pick her brains not only about a particular Chinese attitude/behavior, but how she feels about it, as well.

Just remember not to completely turn your visit into an "investigative task." You want to see your girlfriend in her natural environment and learn more about her but, at the same time, you should also simply enjoy your time together. Let her get to know you more personally, too. Perhaps the two of you can share with each other more of your hopes for the future. Your first meeting and your time together will definitely help you learn not only more about each other, but if the connection between the two of you can evolve into a more serious and long-term commitment.

It is often said that we learn more about a person when they are placed in a challenging situation and see how they handle it. Being in her natural environment may only show you one aspect of your girlfriend's personality but it can be a great way to figure out if she has the traits you are looking for in an ideal life mate and, more importantly, if your attraction and connection online can be carried over to the real world.

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