Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When is the Perfect Time to Visit Your Special Chinese Lady in China?

After months (or years) of dating Chinese women, you have developed a relationship (or two) with great potential with a special Chinese lady, and you are eager and ready to visit China to meet her. If you have the luxury of choosing when to fly and which places to visit, you may want to learn more about the most ideal months or seasons to visit the Middle Kingdom.

Your main purpose, of course, is to finally meet the woman who could be your future wife; at the same time, you can enhance your travel experience by visiting China during certain seasons or holidays, depending on your budget and other personal preferences (such as type of weather or avoiding tourist crowds).

The most ideal time to visit China is probably in early October, right after the Chinese National Day, when autumn is just starting. You can enjoy both the mild weather and the beautiful autumn colors; these will definitely create a more romantic atmosphere for you and your girlfriend.

If you do not mind the big tourist and local crowds and the peak season rates, then you can time your visit to coincide with some festivals and holidays celebrated during fall season, such as the Chinese National Holiday, the Canton Fair, and the Shaolin Kungfu Festival. The best places to visit during this season are Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Xi'an.

Spring time in China, particularly in the northern regions, can be best enjoyed during late March or early April. Between late April and early May, when the late spring flowers are in full bloom, is also one of the best times to spend time with your Chinese love.

The weather is still pleasantly warm, although if you will be visiting the southern regions of China, there may already be summer rains. This will also be a good time, however, to see the Yellow Mountains or visit the mountainous areas of the south when the rains often swathe the mountains with enchanting mists.

If you want to avoid foreign and Chinese tourists and higher rates, you should visit right after the week-long Labor Day celebrations (from the first to the seventh of May).

If you want to take advantage of the cheapest tourist rates, you can opt to visit China during the winter months, from December to early March. If you do not mind the bitterly cold temperatures, you can enjoy many of China's ski resorts and some winter attractions, such as Harbin's Ice and Snow Festival during January and February. For mild winter weather, you can visit Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Yunnan.

Depending on the location, May through September may have either scorching hot temperatures or heavy monsoon rains. But you can still visit during these months and enjoy pleasantly warm temperatures in the mountainous areas of China, the Northwest, Inner Mongolia, The Silk Road, or Tibet.

Unless you want to have an authentic Chinese New Year experience, you should avoid visiting China between late January and early March (depending on what date the biggest Chinese holiday will be celebrated on a given year). In addition to the huge crowds, rates also skyrocket during the two-week period of Chinese New Year celebrations.

You can ensure that your China visit will be a pleasant one, if not completely amazing, by knowing the best times to travel and planning appropriately.

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