Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Chinese Women Should Consider Dating Foreign Men Who Are Older Than Themselves

Like a broken record, it has been said over and over that men get better with age; they have been compared to fine wine. While not all middle-aged foreign men are like George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, or Bon Jovi, there are still plenty of good reasons why Chinese women should date men three-quarters of the way over the hill.

There’s just something so reassuring about a man who already has a few wrinkles on his face and some grey in his hair. Many middle-aged men carry themselves with such confidence and sophistication that one can’t help but see these signs of aging more like badges of honor. They can definitely project an image of worldly wisdom and a steady character.

And if there is one thing that can really turn a woman on, it is a man’s ability to make her feel safe and secure.

Middle-aged men, whether they have already been married at least once or gotten close to it, also already know what they want in a woman, in a relationship, and in life. Without a doubt, their desire for a Chinese wife only proves that they are not only ready to settle down, but that they know exactly what they’re looking for in a partner and a marriage.

Even better, these men are not daunted by what-ifs and challenges in a relationship; and with a cross-cultural relationship, there is no shortage of what-ifs and challenges. They know what they want, they figure out a plan to get to their goal, and they tackle the obstacles head-on. They know the risks, but these do not make them less determined to realize their dream of finding their ideal partner and finding love. Their confidence and determination stem from their substantial life experiences and the maturity that developed as a result.

While this is not true of all men in their late thirties, forties, and fifties, many of them do already have established careers and live comfortable lives. This means they are very much able to not only be a good provider, but also to be a devoted partner, presence-wise most especially.

Did I say older men are self-confident? They are and they have valid reasons to be so; they certainly have the “goods” to back up their self-assuredness. By this, of course, I mean not in an arrogant way (although, there are men who are simply arrogant). Their experiences, especially the challenges they have overcome, have helped them truly learn what they’re made of and given them less room for self-doubt and insecurities. Especially when it comes to finding a partner, their confidence stems from the fact that they know what they have to offer a woman.

Aside from financial stability and a secure future, middle-aged men also have their experiences and wisdom to share with their mate. Particularly if the Chinese woman is younger, she only has everything to gain by being with an older and worldly wise man.

Again, because these men already know what they want in a woman, their mate is free to be themselves. The woman they’re with doesn’t have to change to fit their desires; she is exactly who they desire. They’re happy with the woman and the partner that she is, and they appreciate who she is. Why else would they choose her?

As lovers, middle-aged men are also more experienced, for obvious reasons; and they are more considerate and patient. Most importantly, they are not selfish. Pleasing their woman is very important to them, and they definitely know how to do this better than many younger men.

Chinese women have plenty of good reasons to choose older men as their mate; given the kind of partner they need and marriage that they’re hoping to have, middle-aged, foreign men undoubtedly make very ideal life mates.

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