Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do Chinese Women Come with a Price Tag?


There is a reason why the female Chinese gold-digger stereotype still persists; some Chinese women do demand a certain price for their “hand in marriage,” and some Chinese men are willing to pay.

Granted that many women from other cultures also have this tendency to be obsessed with money; In China, such attitudes are still cultivated by the part of its society that remains very traditional. At the same time, it must be pointed out that whereas traditional practices with regards to finding a wife often put the women at a more disadvantaged position, – often never having a say in the matter – modern women of China are now in a better position to dictate their price.

A very exclusive matchmaking event that was recently held in Beijing gives a whole new meaning to China’s “marriage market.” It is known the world over that a marriage market in China is a literal market where singles exchange and review resumes of potential partners. But this particular matchmaking affair sponsored by the China Entrepreneur Club for Singles, unlike most other similar events held all over the country regularly, is only open to paying male members and strictly evaluated female participants.

Club membership for men costs 200,000 yuan. Single, female members must have the following qualifications: between 25 and 30 years old; between 165 cm and 172 cm in height; a bachelor’s degree; a nice appearance and a well-developed figure; well-spoken; good housekeeping skills; and healthy parents.

They should also pass the evaluation of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who will determine the condition of their health and their character, as well as a series of assessments of their appearance, physical health, and mental health. (Source:

Given that Chinese women are the sought-after “commodity” in the country’s marriage market because of the highly skewed ratio of men and women, plus the fact that most of China’s modern women are highly educated and successful in their own right, there is no doubt that they are in a better bargaining position when choosing a partner. They can afford to set higher expectations and to be picky and more demanding.

And for many of these women, there is nothing wrong with how they choose to choose their mate. They want a comfortable life and a secure future, and they know there are successful, single Chinese men out there who are willing and have the means to meet their demands.

But the alpha Chinese males can literally afford to be picky themselves. There may be more single men than women in China, but these men are on the top rungs of the marriage market ladder. They also have very specific qualifications for a potential wife. They do not mind paying an exorbitant amount to become a member of the said club, and they certainly do not mind that the female members will mostly be judging their suitability based on their annual salary.

Regardless of what critics of the event are saying, it does seem that the men and women who are able to participate in this exclusive matchmaking event are made for each other.

With a society that pressures its singles to marry by a certain age, in a society whose singles are often too busy keeping up with the demands of its fast growing economy, it was inevitable that its traditional matchmaking activities would evolve into the current booming online matchmaking industry. The clash between the modern realities faced by its women and traditional expectations of their parents has even created a lucrative market for “boyfriends for rent.”

Perhaps it was also only a matter of time until the highly selective and qualified bachelors and bachelorettes of China also took it upon themselves to find a way for their own high demands to be met. These women may be judged as shallow and materialistic, but at least one thing they are not is dishonest about their intentions. Some Chinese wives do come with a hefty price tag, and there are men who are willing to pay.

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