Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Chinese Women Can Land Rich Men

Classes in Chengdu teach Chinese women how they can meet and marry multimillionaires. Being afforded more freedom to choose who to marry, it seems that many modern women of China are pushing the limits of the Chinese practice of marrying for fiscal stability. Certainly, they are not the only women in the world who would like to know the secret to marrying a rich man, but the traditional practice of marrying up in China only strengthens and gives validity to some women’s attitude of marrying for money.

The class is being taught by a woman who has successfully bagged a wealthy man and wants to share her strategy with other Chinese women. Topics of her class include how-to’s on approaching and dating rich men, tasting wine, drinking coffee, and ordering food when on a dinner date; tricks to look prettier while on a date, to have good posture, and to correctly apply makeup; and when the best time is to become intimate. (Source:

Women who sign up for the classes are well-educated with ages that range from 26 to 35 years.

Unsurprisingly, the classes and the women have been criticized a lot online, specifically for promoting unhealthy marriage values. The founder and lecturer of the course, Su Fei, said this is not the case. She said that there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants a husband that can provide financial stability, and multimillionaires are the most reliable and, therefore, most ideal for the role. She added that her course teaches women effective ways to manage a good relationship and marriage.

The fact that the women who sign up for these classes are highly educated and high-earning enough to afford the course, as well as to support themselves, does make it seem that perhaps these women are not only after money.

A student who wished to remain anonymous said that she only wanted to learn more about love and marriage and to improve her emotional intelligence.

Certainly, wanting financial security in a marriage does not necessarily exclude the possibility for love and does not automatically indicate that a woman lacks healthy marriage values. It is also a fact that there are wealthy men who do not mind having wives who appreciate the financial stability they are able to give them.

At the same time, classes such as these do promote the already widespread idea that more and more Chinese women are becoming materialistic. The fact that the course only attracted students when the founder changed its original name, “How to Marry a Good Husband,” to one that stated marrying multimillionaires also makes the motivations of the students questionable.

There is some validity to the claim that having a high-paying job and, preferably, a house is a very good sign that a man is responsible, reliable, and hardworking – traits that make him an ideal husband. But when a woman’s focus is solely on money and material comforts, then it is a completely different story.

It is even understandable for women who are, themselves, financially successful to want a husband that can match their own level of success and education or, preferably, to exceed it. Such a man would most likely share similar attitudes and priorities about marriage, family, and life in general; and similarities in these areas are definitely important in a successful marriage. While these women can afford to be more discriminating when choosing a partner, they do expose themselves to criticism from people who hold different beliefs about what is important in a good marriage.

As it is often said, to each his own; but this attitude of materialism among a growing number of Chinese women may be pointing to a larger and more deeply rooted cause born out of millennia-old traditional norms, and should not be treated simply as an isolated trend that does not reflect certain flaws in the society’s collective thinking.

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