Monday, August 26, 2013

Young Chinese Women’s Dreams

In China’s current economic atmosphere, young Chinese women do not just dream of finding a husband who can be a good provider. Nowadays, they dream of finding a well-paying and stable job in the city after graduation, becoming financially independent, and being able to support their parents and, perhaps, be able to buy a house. These young Chinese women (as well as men) start off very optimistic, with clear-cut plans for the future, and with strong determination to achieve their goals despite the knowledge that the going will be tough. They are ready to work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. An article on the All-China Women’s Federation website tells the stories of some of these optimistic and hard-working young Chinese individuals who strive to make it in some of China’s cities. They have been nicknamed “McDulls,” after a cartoon character created in Hong Kong by Alice Mak and Brian Tse. McDull is a male pig with a heart of gold, a mind filled with dreams for a good future, and the will to fulfill these dreams. Take for example Liu Huan who, together with her boyfriend, has saved up enough to make a down payment for a small flat in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province’s capital city. Liu Huan is an English teacher and her boyfriend is a civil servant in the city. After four years of hard work, and despite the high cost living in Nanchang, they are now closer to their dream of owning their own house before getting married. Liu Huan believes that their hard work will pay off and they will get the life they want. “When we first got here, we had nothing but each other. But we are young and not afraid of hardship. We will give our future child a better living environment." (Source: Liang Meng is another hopeful with a modest family background and has “decided to put down roots” in the city of Nanchang. Every month, she receives a small attendance bonus for never being tardy for work. Every weekend, she works odd jobs to earn extra cash. She saves as much as she can, and even though she can’t go shopping or traveling, she’s still very happy with how her life has been progressing. She says, “"You wouldn't understand the pride and happiness I feel when I hand some of my savings to my mom. Even though my life is not easy, I will be tough and keep going. I am confident about my future." (Source: These McDulls show a different and very admirable facet of the current generation of working Chinese. They have modest beginnings, with qualifications that are relatively unexceptional in a society that always pushes for nothing less than excellence; but they have their tireless perseverance and optimism to make up for their lack in certain other qualities, and the right priorities to keep them motivated. These Chinese women present a very stark contrast to those who were given better academic and career opportunities, but many of whom are just as hardworking and ambitious. These Chinese daughters also definitely prove that there are far more modern women of China who are unselfish and un-materialistic. Their less than ideal situations do not stop them from going after their goals, in the face of traditional expectations that are always hanging over their heads, of the highly competitive job and marriage markets, and the high cost of city living. This new generation of women may be nicknamed McDulls because they live unexceptional lives; but perhaps a more apt nickname would be “McDreamers” and “Go-get-them-girls.” Discover tons of great information about admirable Chinese women, Chinese dating and relationships, and Chinese life on the blogs, magazine and forum of (the home of trusted Chinese dating), where international men and Chinese women share their life experiences and bare their souls to give you the real goods on love, cross-cultural relationships, and all things Chinese.

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