Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Yellow Fever and Western Men Dating Chinese Women: It’s Time to End the Insulting and Racist Stereotyping

What is wrong about a western man only wanting to date Chinese women? Why is this trend such a big issue among western women? Can so many western men’s preference for Chinese women be summed up as nothing more than a “yellow fever” affliction?

An article published recently in The, and subsequently on, paints an inaccurate and unfair picture of countless western males’ preference for dating women from China. Consequently, their viewpoint also further reflects a measurable degree of discrimination against China’s daughters. The condition known as “yellow fever” did use to mean, in some circles, that a western man had a vile sort of attraction to Chinese women; but times have changed and so has the meaning of the term.

The growing trend of western males dating Chinese women today has more to do with the former’s changing attitudes toward dating and relationships; and this change in attitudes has been brought about, in turn, by the attitudes of western women toward men, dating, and relationships which have become increasingly unacceptable to western men. It would not be a stretch to say that today’s western females – with their radical ideas about feminism and their tendency toward man-hating and male-bashing – have pushed their men to seek out more ideal options outside the box, so to speak. And the majority of these western men have all come to the same conclusion that Chinese women are the ideal choice for a mate.

Yes, it has come down to western women versus Chinese women, and the women of China have been winning for many, good reasons. Their interest in dating men far west of their shores may seem like an opportune coincidence and has often been treated with suspicion, particularly by their western counterparts. Call it serendipity, but a devious scheme by opportunistic females it is not.

Right smack in the middle of this battle between the women from the Far East and women from the west are the western chaps. Ordinarily, such a scenario would be a fantasy come true for these males. But it is not that these two groups of women are fighting over them; it is that the western lasses are becoming unhappy (yet again, surprise, surprise!) with their men’s choices. How dare they choose those porcelain and slender beauties (they would probably use a more offensive term) over them? Such a behavior is contemptible! The western blokes in question cannot have good reasons for preferring oriental beauties over the women from their own society! Such a preference must be malicious and is, therefore, detestable! It’s abhorrent! It must be some sort of disgusting affliction! Why? Simply because no man in his right mind would prefer some other woman over a modern, confident, “enlightened”, fair, western female!

The oriental maidens, as a result, have also come under attack – their intentions when dating men from the west are often questioned, and their place in their society scoffed at. Such contempt directed toward the women of China strongly imply that these women are inferior to the bold and beautiful women of the west. What else could they possibly have to offer aside from their exotic quality and submissive nature? This is a perverse assumption in itself, and the women that make it reveal their perverse point of view – a point of view that only mirrors itself and does not reflect at all why western men desire Chinese women.

This sort of thinking is at best archaic, and at the very worst racist.

The men of the west have plenty of good reasons for choosing to date and marry women from China. The increasingly unattractive qualities that so many western women have developed make up half of the puzzle. Their radical feminist ideas; their vicious hate towards the male sex; their need to emasculate their men in order to prove they are “equal” or superior to them; their aggressive behavior that make their men feel useless and less of a man; and their blasé attitude with regards to how their actions affect their men – all these and more have made western women less and less likable to western men, especially as long-term/lifetime partners.

In fact, the condescending, insulting and shamelessly racist application of the “yellow fever” label to all these western men for the “sin” of simply loving and cherishing their Chinese wives is, in itself, pretty strong evidence supporting western men in their desire to seek better life mates outside their own borders. The application of the label “yellow fever” to the love between two human beings because the woman is Chinese or Asian and the man isn’t is not only demeaning and insulting towards the man, but it is even more insulting and bloody well racist towards the woman.

The many, desirable qualities of Chinese women make up the other half of the puzzle. Contrary to what their defamers insist on, this group of women from the Far East are modern and sophisticated; they are educated and intelligent; confident and independent; strong and highly capable; and, most importantly, they still possess traditional values when it comes to relationships.

Today’s Chinese women may have a modern way of thinking and behaving; but they have kept the most important traditional values that their culture have taught them. They may have transformed themselves and reconstructed their gender roles, in their society, family, and relationships; but they did so without busting any male egos and ripping apart their manhood. They claimed their equal place in their society without viciously attacking the opposite sex with cruel feminist ideology. And they do not mind preserving their femininity. They do not see femininity as a sign of weakness, as something unattractive; they see it for what it is – their nature – and they take pride in it.

They recognize that a man needs to be a man in a relationship, and a woman needs to be a woman, and that this does not necessarily mean that they are not equal. They still know the true value of loyalty and devotion in a relationship, which they demand from their man and which they also gladly give in return.

So why wouldn’t western men find Chinese women desirable? Why wouldn’t they want to date them or marry them? These days, being afflicted with “yellow fever” has a very different meaning. It’s a condition that many western men would be lucky and smart to have; it’s a condition that can actually lead to true and lasting happiness. Western men dating Chinese women is like the proverbial match made in heaven. No amount of mud-slinging from hateful individuals, no amount of stereotyping, can make something that’s genuine and natural less than what it is.

As a Western man married to a Chinese woman, I take great offense to the suggestion that my loving my wife somehow makes me a freakish sexual pervert, and that our marriage is a product not of our love for each other, but of a fetish on my part and greed on her part. I can assure you it is neither. I am also the co-owner/manager of an International Chinese Dating site that takes great pride in fostering long term relationships with a goal of life partnership and/or marriage between good, loving and totally sincere western men and Chinese women.

As such I can assure you that there are countless other couples like myself and my wife who are being wrongly slandered by publications that carelessly and wrongly toss the “Yellow Fever” label around as if labeling every married couple in the world made up of a non-Chinese man and a Chinese woman, however many millions of us there may be, as having come together as a result of sexual depravity.

The Telegraph and ChinaDailyAsia owe myself, my wife, and millions more like us a sincere and public apology. Of course, we are not likely to receive one, but perhaps they could at least consider putting just a little thought into the garbage they publish before slandering huge numbers of people en masse with no justification whatsoever.


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