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The Chinese make up more than one-seventh of the world population. Nonetheless, their vast numbers do not diminish the fact that women of the orient, particularly from China, continue to spark the fascination of men from around the world. Mysterious, attractive, and exotic, Chinese women have always piqued the interest of men, especially Western males.

While much has been written about the women of China, it is still unfair to typecast them into one idealized archetype. Just like women from other parts of the world, aside from practices, beliefs, and culture, there is more to a woman than her ethnic background alone. It is important that she is appreciated for her idiosyncrasies as much as for her exotic upbringing.

Different species of Chinese women

Although there may possibly be hundreds of thousands of different types of women, this list aims to help enlighten men, particularly those who are keen on dating or marrying a girl from China, so they may have better insight on what kind of girl may best suit them. These categories do not in any way intend to box women into pigeonholes, but has been created only in the hope of being of assistance to those who want to find out more about Chinese women.

This classification is according to their physical location. China is a massive country, with some parts being highly developed while most towns continue to live as they did decades ago.

The City Girl

Like many cosmopolitan women, she is career-driven and dreams beyond being someone else’s bride or better half. She is assertive, independent and she is used to living a fast-paced life. She is open to liberal views and wants a man who will be her equal. Females from China’s biggest cities and metropolitan centers— such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and even Hong Kong –are also known to be the most stylish. They love dressing up and wearing make-up. Being very modern, they are also highly open to dating men from different cultures.

The Country Lass

Although China has experienced rapid economic boom that has catapulted many of its cities to be globally renowned financial, industrial and highly-developed commercial centers, many parts of this massive country still remain traditional and rural. People from these areas still largely depend on agriculture as their primary source of living. They adhere to strict traditions especially in terms of marriage and relationship. In these places, women still continue to be submissive but very diligent and hardworking, whether in the field or in domestic chores. They dress conservatively and are very reserved in demeanor.

The Expat

This woman has had a taste of the world having been educated or employed in another country. Many women in Hong Kong or Shanghai have been jet setting to and from China and other parts of the world. Such a woman’s views are greatly influenced by Western ideals and, although she submits to some traditions, she is very independent in her thinking. The way she thinks is almost similar to how a Western woman thinks.

Northern Women and Southern Women

A woman’s geographical location not only affects her traits but also contributes to her physical appearance. One good example is how the woman from Northern China differs from the Chinese woman from the south. Northern women are said to have whiter complexions, similar to Koreans and Japanese, and are generally taller. On the other hand, Southern women are shorter and are distinct with their high cheek bones. Their skin complexion is more yellow and tanned.

When it comes to their traits, Northern women tend to be more reserved and traditional while Southern women are more open about their emotions. Southern women are also said to be more open to relationships with Western men given their more capitalistic leanings compared to the North’s communist ideals.

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