Monday, April 1, 2013

Chinese Online Dating and Making Friends

Any foreign who is serious about Chinese online dating and sincere about his desire to find love with a Chinese wife would also be very willing and ready to take on the challenge of learning about Chinese culture and society in order to better understand the women of China. While the internet is an amazing source of knowledge, and even if a man has the time to watch Chinese movies and documentaries so he can gain a deeper insight into many aspects of Chinese society, there is still no better way to learn than by interacting with Chinese people, particularly Chinese women. And one does not have to fly to China and live among its people to do this.

Chinese dating sites are not just for dating; the most reputable ones, especially, are also for making new friends. And building friendships is always a great way for any person to learn about new things, even new things about one's self. Developing friendships through Chinese dating sites certainly offer a great opportunity for foreign men to learn more about China, especially about Chinese women.

It is important, of course, to be honest about one's intentions and to not mislead a Chinese woman, or a number of them, about why you are interacting with them. Women of China who only flock to the really good and respectable Chinese dating sites would be more than eager to make new foreign male friends and would not mind at all if a foreign man approaches them with an offering of nothing more than just friendship. After all, these Chinese women also realize the benefits of having foreign male friends. They also want to gain a deeper insight about foreign men and their culture. It is a no-lose situation for both; and new friendships are always a treasure.

When you develop a friendship with a woman from China, you can ask her about certain aspects of Chinese society and culture, both past and present, that you have always found confusing or have trouble grasping. You can even start learning and practicing communicating in Chinese. In addition to also gaining a unique insight about Chinese women through your first-hand experience interacting with one, you can even ask your new friend for advice regarding certain questions you might have about how to approach a lady you're interested in, or regarding problems you might have with a woman you are currently dating, or with the difficulties you have been encountering while searching for your ideal mate. Simple conversations can give you a better understanding and/or appreciation of certain Chinese norms, as well as the difficulties that many modern Chinese women have been facing recently.

As all good friendships go, and all healthy relationships for that matter, you should be as good a friend to her as she is to you. Help her learn about foreign men and foreign culture, too. Give her sound advice about relationships and her expectations and goals, even about other aspects of her life if she needs it. Help her learn the English language.

The more Chinese lady friends you have, the better insight you will have about Chinese women, their attitudes, behaviors, and way of thinking. You may even discover, on your own, how you can make changes and improvements on your plan to make your dream of finding a Chinese wife come true. You may also realize that you have to make certain changes in your attitudes, behaviors, and way of thinking to be able to find/attract your ideal woman, to more capably develop a solid relationship with a Chinese lady, and how you can better deal with the challenges of being in a cross-cultural relationship. And then, of course, when you are ready to make your trip to China, whether to meet a special lady or a few of them who have the potential to be your future wife or simply to travel and get a real feel of the Middle Kingdom, having one or a few Chinese friends will certainly make your trip more manageable and enjoyable.

Who knows, that lifetime relationship you are looking may even blossom from one of the friendships you have cultivated. At the end of the day, having one or a few Chinese lady friends online would make you better equipped when you finally find yourself in a relationship; it would also certainly make a better and more informed man out of you, and a better life partner for a very lucky lady

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