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Scam Chinese Dating Sites:

Oh, but men can be so gullible and easy to manipulate sometimes, especially when you know the right “buttons” to push and how to go straight for their “smaller brain.” Make a search on Google for “Scam Chinese Dating Sites” and one of the websites you’ll get is Despite the fact that it says everywhere in black and white that this is a scam site, men still fall all over themselves trying to meet the drop-dead gorgeous women on this site, most of whom aren’t even real. Go figure.

Just read the stories of countless men who finally decided to open their eyes and face the ugly reality that they were just being led on and being robbed of their money. All their accounts sound almost the same. Here are a few from men who shared their bad experiences on the said site (excerpts borrowed from:

Story #1 “…That was supposed to be a site catering to men AND women looking for soul mates yet they made it impossible to arrange a meeting EXCEPT we could arrange dates ONLY after having corresponding with the same lady (to meet) through at least 5 letters. Of course for the "date" we provide our own transportation to China or wherever ( at least 95% of the ladies are Chinese supposedly) at which time we had to meet a "translator" who was an Asian Beauties staff member and meet the lady at a predetermined place accompanied by the translator for an hour and a half. Of course there was a huge charge for that and IF the lady agreed to an extension of the "date" it would be extended for several more hours and I think accompanied by the "translator" at an additional fee and I still haven't figured out how to have any alone time with the lady. Some date huh?...”

Story #2 “All my letters and the women's letters go through a translator who works for an independent company which in turn is contracted with Asianbeauties. The more translations they do, the more money they make. So often I would receive 2 letters from a woman on the same day. I did not realize that one of the letters was fake.

In one instance with regard to a woman I met, I found out that all the initial letters were fabrications of the translator and did not come from the woman. Many of the facts that were given to me were blatantly false such as number of children, parents alive or deceased, type of work, etc.

Once I decided to meet this woman, she was contacted by the translator and told that she could have my letters if she paid a fee equivalent to $4,000 USD. She paid this fee. I did not find out about this until I met the women.”

Story #3 “After loging on to Asian Beauties & receiving numerious letters, I selected one young lady from Shenyang and started writing letters. Everything went well until I told her that I was coming for a visit and that I wanted to see her. Suddenly she had a business trip that very weekend and no I couldn't just show up. We ended up talking that weekend she had her business trip and when I brought it up, the arguements began. Once biten but not I started another conversation with a different young lady from a different part of China and I could see the same pattern developing. Like the gentlemen before, I started asking for photographs and I did get a few pictures. After analysing them, they weren't of the same girl; different hair style, nose was a different shape.”

Almost every time, the men say they become suspicious sooner or later (sometimes, even from the very beginning, and other times they are already aware that the site is a scam) but they still go ahead and pursue some of the beautiful women and continue communicating with them despite the questionable behaviors and lame excuses that keep piling up.

The ladies are just too irresistible! How can they just turn their backs on the possibility of being with a stunning Asian woman without even trying?

Sure, she only has a couple of photos posted and she keeps making excuses why she can’t send you new ones that will confirm that she’s real; maybe she even starts to get angry because you’re questioning her honesty. Okay, she suddenly has a business trip and can’t meet you when you tell her you’re flying to see her in a few weeks. It’s still possible that all her excuses are true and she’s the real deal, right?

In the back of your head (the one on top of your shoulders), you’re already thinking something’s iffy. But your other head just can’t get over how beautiful these women are and they want to talk to you! How can you say no? You would be an idiot to refuse! Actually, you’re being an idiot for ignoring the big, red arrows in your brain pointing to the even bigger, red sign that says “Scammer!”

It should not take you too long to do some fair amount of research. Type “Scam” + “Chinese Dating Sites” on Google and, voila! You can easily save yourself a lot of heartache, time, and money by spending an hour or two reading blogs and forums about scam sites, such as If you’re already a member of a Chinese matchmaking site and you suddenly feel suspicious, just type the name of the site plus the word “scam” on Google to find out for sure.

Information about these fraudulent sites is out there; just take time to look for them and to read them. You can start with this blog from,, which lists a few other scam sites and explains how they have managed to rise to the top of Google’s search results when certain keywords are used. There are many real and beautiful Chinese women on reputable matchmaking sites who are also searching for love and a foreign partner online; you just have to use the right head when doing your search.

Additionally, you can also find a lot of invaluable information about Chinese online dating and Chinese women on’s blogs, emag, and forums, where where international men and Chinese women share their life experiences and bare their souls to give you the real goods on all things Chinese.


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  2. I used to find a travel mate and I really liked it. I created a profile and tagged myself in the places I'd like to visit. Then I used their "Find my travel mate" button to search for girls who would like to visit these places. I found a very nice girl who accompanied me in my trip to Argentina. We wound up having so much fun together.

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    Those who give false promises will have to purify their souls.
    If they do it in good faith it is fine. If not you know what that means.
    Soul purification not always is a pleasant process,. Often done after physical death. Funny thing, the soul asks itself for it, so it is not that is forced to,. Just alternative is worse.

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  8. the asain Beauty site is fake, never even open an account here. I opened an acount and i even haven't put my profile Picture there. In the first minute i got Three chat offeres from Three different Girls. in reality they r fake. they may Another good English speaking guy sitting to burn your wallet.


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  10. I personally feel it's important to start naming names so that we all know who the "bad" ones are, who the fake people are on that AB website.

    The name on the profile said "Jiaolei(Laura)" and her "interview" page noted that her nickname is "Lala." Since I speak fluent Chinese and can type Chinese, I thought I had a chance to meet a real lady there.

    I typed, "Your name is very nice. It sounds lovely."

    Her response: "Really? You mean my Chinese name?"

    I replied: "Your name Lala."

    "Lala? What does that mean?"

    "Your interview page said that."

    "Laura? Lala? Are they the same thing?"

    "No, your interview page said that."

    "Oh, yeah, haha. I thought you meant Laura and Lala have the same meaning. I guess I'm not that smart."

    THAT should have been a red flag right there. How can someone not know her own nickname? I overlooked that, and then I continued chatting with her for 20 minutes before I had to attend a work meeting.

    Later on, when I logged into my account, I saw SEVENTEEN letters from her--all on that same day. Each letter costs 10 credits to open, and she was basically saying the same things in each of those letters, garbage like "It was so nice to chat with you," "where are you now? I don't see you online," "let's chat online again soon. i'm waiting for you," etc. Her letters were all at least 2 paragraphs long but essentially said the same thing. The other red flag was that each of the photos she attached was titled "s" or "ss." Who does that? (All of the photos are different pictures but each one is titled "s" or "ss.")

    Ultimately, I got on the chat system again and explained to her in Chinese, in her own language, that I would order a phone call so that we could exchange contact information. I explained, clearly, that this letter system and chat system wouldn't work because of the heavy costs. She agreed to do it. And yet the next day she sent me another FOURTEEN letters on that website.

    After we spoke on the phone through the AB system--I didn't need a translator since I spoke Chinese but still the phone call was pricey--she sent me an email. One sentence. That was it. So, in the letters through that site she sent at least 1-2 paragraphs. In this email she sent 1 sentence. Obviously she is sending form letters through that website. And then soon enough she sent more letters through that website. And I see her online on that website every single day. She is also on there for very strange hours every day. I sometimes do meetings with bosses in China so I am familiar with the time difference. I see her online on that website from 11 pm to 7 am or so China time. That is a major red flag. This means Jiaolei(Laura) is not a real lady. She is either a slut or someone paid to chat with men online. There is a lot more to this Jiaolei(Laura) but I want to tell you these points for now to let you all know not to be tricked by her. She is definitely a scammer. Avoid her at all costs.


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  12. hum... I have been using this website for a while and I'm sure it is a scam. I've been chatting with some ladies that I have in my contact list for a while and I figure a way to share a private email BUT when I finally give them the info SHE act all dumb, insisting to keep using the AB website instead!! when I clearly stated that I want to send and receive email through a public email provider. I have add credit to my account for a few times :( why men are so stupid? for a few times and when I can chat for over 3 minutes she takes for ever to txt me back; therefore, I just waste my money with any good results BUT when I run of credits SHE suddenly starts typing saying how much she loves, and miss me...LOL.

  13. I tried two different Chinese dating sites that I found regularly on the Internet. They were both scams. They required payment in at least $20 for about 15 minutes, as I recall (It was 3 years ago.) I felt that the women I spoke to dragged out the conversations to make me pay more. They didn't seem to want relationships. They wanted only to talk so I would pay more. I tried one more site that I found by searching on Chinese web sites using Google Translate. It was China Love Match (CLM). I'm not paid by them, but it may sound like it. Immediately I felt there was a difference. I did not pay anything. I gave my profile and immediately women showed interest. Some women were like me, just looking. Others paid a membership fee and were able to talk to me unrestricted. I was very surprised. I was talking for hours without paying anything. I found a woman who I got along very well with, even though she didn't speak English. The translation tools were great. I used Google Translate. She used something else. There were no other translators involved. No other people. We quickly switched to Yahoo Chat and then Skype. I visited her in China after 6 months and got married in China (after a lot of research. I was prepared.). I visited her 2 more times, including once for a "wedding" with her friends and family in attendance (more of a dinner). After a year long immigration process I brought her and her daughter to the US last summer. The process was very easy, but it needed a lot of research and patience. CLM was not a scam, but that doesn't mean scammers aren't on that site. As with any, be careful.

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  16. I completely agree with all of you who have a complained about Asian Beauties; I have been in this site for a while now. I found a way to chat for free indefinitely every 3 minutes here is how: at the starting screen fill-in the required fields "Name", "E-mail"(I recommend using,,,, and, and "Password(please use only random numbers!!)". Once you are done chatting for the first three minutes DO NOT LOG OFF; instead if you are using OPERA go to "History (control+H)" and click "clear browsing data.." After that click in the girls Image profile and it should send you to the screen where you need to fill-in the following fields: "Your Name", "Your Birthday", "Your E-mail" and "Password" and click "Sign Up Now" . NOTE: please use the same info as the one I provided above to fill-in THE PASSWORD AND E-MAIL FIELD. IMPORTANT!!! If for any reason this stop working; let's say it takes longer than usual to load the page.... PLEASE use or install any program to erase all trace of your browsing history; I personally use CCleaner you can get the free version it should work just fine. HOPE YOU FIND THIS INFO USEFUL.... do not get deceive by this girls THE Y ARE FAKE!!! Finally I have been in contact with some of the girls out of the site.... (sorry I won't provide names I respect their privacy) BUT I CAN TELL YOU NONE OF THESE GIRLS ARE SERIOUS!!!.... we hardly chat online using QQ Tencent and they never really send me any LETTERS AT ALL using our own private E-mail and when I called to China to talk with this girls they NEVER ANSWER MY CALL or when they do we don't really TALK AT ALL because they keep insisting THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING.

  17. This is a truly scamming site. The ladies are fake. I have sent information to ladies, without any response.I have chat with ladies on line and on cam and they prefer to be on this site. I have found that a lady has given me information regarding her work, and she does not work there. This sit cost you money to chat, cost you to receive and send emails. This whole sit is a scam You are unable o message, as all the information is blocked. Letters send will only be received after 3 or 4 day. Further more they say 1 credit per minute however its is $5 per min. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. I BELIEVE JUSTIC WILL BE SERVED ACCORDINGLY

  18. The Asian Date. Anastasia Date Amolatino are all fake and scamming site

  19. who was an Asian Beauties staff member and meet the lady at a predetermined place accompanied by the translator for an hour and a half. Asian Dating

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