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Scam-Free Chinese Dating, Genuine Chinese Women – Only on

Why choose Chinese dating and Chinese women? Because if you are looking for lasting love and happiness, if you are looking for that ideal woman, and if you have become jaded by your western dating experiences and your western relationships, then it’s high time that you explore bigger and better possibilities!

Why choose Because on CLM, we give our members a real community – where their dating and relationship success is our priority, and where we take their security very seriously! CLM has distinguished itself as a true leader in the online Chinese dating industry. One of CLM’s major innovations is the introduction of Scammer Prison and scammer notices, in which, rather than hiding its head in the sand and pretending scammers don’t exist like all the major social sites do, CLM hunts down scammers on the site and publicly exposes them to the members. Other firsts by CLM include IP checking by the members to ensure the people they are dating really are where they say they are, and instant computer translation between the western men and the Chinese women.

Now the site has introduced a redesigned home page on which we have introduced a couple more unique features. The first is the posting front and center on its new homepage of the video above, hosted on Youtube, in which is explained the workings of the site and why members should join. But perhaps the most daring undertaking to date, which is a first in the international online dating scene and perhaps on the internet generally, and which unequivocally lays out CLM’s commitment to truthful online Chinese dating, is a public condemnation of specific online dating sites for scamming their own members. Both in the Youtube video, and in writing on the new homepage, CLM denounces certain Asian and Chinese dating scam sites by name.

True love. The One. Your soulmate. Your ideal woman. Is this what you’re still looking for? On CLM, we make it our business to help our members succeed in the world of online Chinese dating; we proudly and wholeheartedly uphold the spirit of online dating – which is to pave the way for men and women to meet each other online and provide the opportunity for them to find love. In the case of, we have created a real community where genuine, Chinese women and sincere, western men can meet, date, and form meaningful relationships. And, of course, our main goal is to help our members find their Miss or Mister Right – their China love match!

Online dating, particularly international online dating, has developed a bad rep as a hotbed for scammers and criminals, where men and women who are seriously looking for friends or love are sucked dry of their hard-earned money and their hopes for happiness. Of course, the international online dating scene has also become just another venue for the illicit mail-order bride business.

However, Chinese online dating is changing, and has been playing a vital part in this change. It is a well-known fact that matchmaking had always been a serious affair in China, until it was banned only a few decades ago. But the essence and importance of this traditional Chinese practice in Chinese society remain until today because relationships and marriage are taken very seriously by the Chinese. Chinese men and women date to marry; not just to have fun. Chinese dating sites – the few reputable and trustworthy ones, being a key player among these – are in the serious business of making matches that last a lifetime.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that true love almost has a mythical quality to it; many get to a point in their lives where they begin to wonder if it’s even real, or if they’re really meant to find it. Finding love, not even the True and nearly mythical kind, can already be a frustratingly tricky endeavor when you’re just looking within your own social group; and the task can only become increasingly harder the farther you venture outside your circle. But for those who are earnestly seeking that elusive dream of lasting love and happiness, stepping outside their social and cultural boundaries is the most obvious and logical choice.

The world has become a smaller place because of internet technology, and international online dating – despite the proliferation of scams within the community – has made countless dreams come true. It is true that a great number of international online dating sites out there are only in the business for the money; so many of them are nothing more than scam sites, while the rest don’t take their obligation of protecting their members from scammers seriously. Nevertheless, there are still international online dating sites of good repute, sites that measure their success in terms of the success of their members. prides itself on aggressively unmasking scammers and scam sites. We take the fight to them; through the CLM blogs and articles, CLM has taken up the mantle of challenging what we have branded as Scam Site Money Funnels. CLM has assumed the responsibility of being the vanguard of honest online Chinese dating; and CLM Director, John Abbot, has been in the forefront of the fight. In one of his more eloquent blogs about the issue, he says:

“We need to seriously endeavor to take a giant leap from this small community we have founded and try to expand across the internet the concept that honesty and decency are the true forces that must prevail.

I am aware this seems overdramatic and maybe even self-serving, but I can’t help it. I am disgusted by what I see as the future that my children (and yours) will inherit if we don’t take a stand on this issue today.”

In response to the question, “Why have you taken up the cause of exposing scam sites?” John Abbot says, “The internet is overrun with Scam Websites and individual scammers abound across the net on every social network and dating site and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. The effort has to start somewhere, so why not with us. We can at least try to clean up our industry and educate our members to avoid being scammed! Hopefully the other sites will follow suit, and maybe we can shame the big sites to taking some action too. ”

In the world of online Chinese dating, is unrivaled in the quality of service it provides to its members and its level of trustworthiness. What makes CLM the cream of the crop?

The CLM Blogs. The blogs are a CLM feature that is unique to the site; nowhere else in the online dating world will you find a site that offers such a trove of knowledge about dating, relationships, and marriage in general and within the international, cross-cultural, and Chinese contexts. What makes the CLM blogs even more exceptional is that they are written by the CLM members themselves: Chinese women and western men who want to share their own experiences, thoughts, and knowledge about anything and everything related to the quest for love and the forming of meaningful relationships. Having a genuine sense of community is something that CLM continues to nurture and is highly proud of.

CLM Forum. Another distinctive feature of ChinaLoveMatch is the CLM forum. What better way to learn about Chinese women and Chinese dating culture than by asking them directly? The CLM forum offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for CLM members to post questions and get answers straight from the female Chinese and male western members themselves. Indeed, CLM encourages its members to reach out to each other and participate in enlightened and provocative discussions via the forum. It is a remarkable and convenient venue to exchange ideas and information. That’s why members of CLM are always well-informed about any and all topics relevant to online/Chinese online dating, cross-cultural relationships and romance, and western and Chinese culture, among others.

CLM Scammer Prison. The CLM Scam Prison is a singular element of the site put in place to safeguard CLM members. The Scammer Prison defines and reinforces CLM’s commitment to track down and expose scammers and to make a scam-free haven for western men and Chinese women sincerely looking for love.

All the tools that CLM offers its members are designed and regularly updated to enhance their online dating experience - make meeting each other and developing meaningful cross-cultural relationships not only possible, but also easy, pleasant, and worthwhile. Like we always say, CLM members never feel like they are just another number – they always feel that they are a valued member of a real and tight-knit community.

Genuine, beautiful Chinese women join CLM because we provide an environment where they can feel safe; where their hopes of finding a good, western man that will show them real romance, respect, and love are nourished; and where their individuality, thoughts, and feelings are acknowledged and respected.

Sincere, western men flock to CLM because they have realized that Chinese women embody the ideal woman and ideal partner; because our female, Chinese members are real women looking for a long-term or lifetime commitment, and a partner that they can wholly devote themselves to; and because at CLM, they can find kindred spirits among other male members.

The question shouldn’t be “Why choose” anymore; the question should be, “Why aren’t you on yet?”

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