Friday, March 22, 2013

Taking a Break from Chinese Dating? What to Do with Your Free Time in China

Back home, you probably hang out with your friends or co-workers at the local bar after work, shoot a few hoops, play billiards or poker, or maybe you engage in some weight-lifting or do laps in the pool at the gym. These are some of the recreational activities single, foreign men often engage in before they head home to their empty homes. In China, there are some recreational activities similar to those back home, and there are others that you will definitely find interesting. If you are experiencing a lull in your Chinese dating or simply want to take a break, you can use the free time you have to experience and enjoy the lighter aspects of Chinese society. Who knows? You may discover that you have a latent singing talent! If you're in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or any of the other larger cities, there are plenty of bars that remain open until the very early hours of the morning where you can enjoy some western music, western drinks, and even foreign company. Places like this are also great for meeting Chinese women. Businesses, including bars, in smaller cities close rather early, around 9pm. But if you don't want to go home yet and still want to have a few drinks and hang out, there are eateries where you can enjoy local beers and a wide variety of finger foods. If you're brave, or maybe after a few drinks, you can sing your heart out in a karaoke bar.

Do you like to dance? The more westernized cities also often have dance clubs that play both the latest western and Chinese tunes. Ballroom dancing is all the rage in some cities. Dancers usually gather and dance the night away in parks and it is always a treat to watch them. Plus, it's free. If you're always up and about very early, you can spend an hour or two watching people doing qi gong or tai chi exercises in parks or by the riverside. You can even join them if you're feeling up for it. Most city parks also have English corners, usually on Saturday evenings, where you can engage some locals in delightful English conversations that can go on for hours. If you own a bicycle, you can simply ride around your neighborhood, visit yet unexplored streets, or just enjoy the familiar sights and sounds.

You can go the old-fashioned way and enjoy the latest western movies which some movie theaters show in English, but with Chinese subtitles. Invite a few foreign and/or Chinese friends, co-workers, or students to join you, maybe have dinner and some drinks, too; and you will have spent a few hours of your evening in delightful company.

If you want quiet time but don't want to have it at home, you can simply sit outside, on the street, or in the park and watch time go by and the people go about their day. This is a great way to observe and learn about the smaller, sometimes trivial, aspects of Chinese society, in general, and your own town, in particular, and which define to no lesser degree its people and their attitudes. It is often during quiet times like this when you gain unexpected insights about your environment, the people in it, and the dynamic that exist between the two. It is also during these quiet times when you can reflect on where you are in your life at that particular moment and where you still want to go, as well as your dream of finding your life's love and mate.

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